Senin, 04 Oktober 2010

Change Text on XP Start Button

Step 1 - Modify Explorer.exe File

In order to make the changes, the file explorer.exe located at C:\Windows needs to be edited. Since explorer.exe is a binary file it requires a special editor. For purposes of this article I have used Resource Hacker. Resource HackerTM is a freeware utility to view, modify, rename, add, delete and extract resources in 32bit Windows executables and resource files (*.res). It incorporates an internal resource script compiler and decompiler and works on Microsoft Windows 95/98/ME, Windows NT, Windows 2000 and Windows XP operating systems.
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Burning X-BOX GameCube Games Using CDRWIN


1) Insert your original in your CD-ROM.
2) Open CDRWin (or any other image extractor) to make an iso image of the game
on your hard disc. Click on 'Extract Disc/Tracks/Sectors'
3) Here are the settings which work for me (!):
Disc Image/Cue sheet
File-Format: Automatic

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How To Find The Remote IP

Method 1

To view someone's IP# when they send you hotmail email do this:
1) Click "Options" on the upper right side of the page.
2) On the left side of the page, Click "Mail"
3) Click "Mail Display Settings"
4) Under "Message Headers" select "Full" or "Advanced"
5) Click ok

Method 2
reg a dydns account and install the ip pointer, so each time you ping the host name you regestored

for example:
you regestor the host name, then you keep a little software running on the target host. The little software will keep update your IP to server.
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Create An Ftp Server On Your Pc With Serv-u

Serv-U Website

Step 1. Getting a static IP address.
Get a static address for your FTP server. You will want to do this as opposed to using your IP address for several reasons. First, it’s easier keeping up-to-date. Imagine having to change all of your setting every time your IP changed. With No-IP, the No-IP service runs in background on your computer and updates your current IP address with your FTP server’s URL (for example, you get Second reason, you don’t want your IP address posted out there for everyone to see.
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Rabu, 15 September 2010

Make Easy PCB Layout

Welcome to the readers.

PCB is the life of electronics. But how about I create one???.
Require a long time to make the PCB layout. But do not kwatir, now makes the PCB layout can be done very easily and quickly. I have software to make the PCB layout of electronics quickly and efficiently. Because the software is already there in many electronic components. So you need not bother anymore with the PCB layout drawing draw how to draw by hand and rubbed his layout.

With this software you just draw it and print it on paper. Very efficient rather ...? What's more if you use this software very cheap, you do not need to pay to download this software. If you want to make the PCB layout with ease, please download at this link.

10 Tips Being Cool in School Students Who

At school is where we are studying. But I am sure, every student wants to look cool at school. I have 10 tips to be cool in school, may benefit are reading.

1. Always neatly dressed, always dressed neatly.
2. Do not forget your hair mentata so beautiful.
3. Try using scented oils to make it more interesting.
4. Do not forget to learn when night falls.
5. Approach or bersahabatlah with subject teachers.
6. Do not think of a woman who is in the environment around you, because they would be disgusted if you see the man who managed to look MUPENG (Front want).
7. Always look cool (cool), but not arrogant.
8. Do not ever play hooky from school, or ditching class.
9. Always be a diligent and obedient children of teachers and parents.
10. Do not forget to worship and praying to god

That's 10 tips on who I can give to you. Hopefully useful for those of you who read.

Enlarge The Bandwidth Connection At Cybercafe

Has the bandwidth speeds eminence when we were playing in the cafe was fun. We bias apapu download speed eminence, not even a matter of minutes. But sometimes, when the whole company there in the cafe was full, our bandwidth connections become very small. Then, what would happen ..???? We menguduh files or folders with a needle in a long time, could be up for hours. Even we have to wait several minutes for your browser application can process the activities we like to open facebook, e-mail, online games, twitter, etc..
Therefore, here I have a simple way so that you can increase your company bandwidth connections when all the companies fully charged. Wow ... .. yes ... definitely interesting?? I'll explain how. But before that, you must first download a particular application. You can download it here.

1. After the download run the application.
2. After that the application will detect all companies smoldering.
3. IP will be many options for the end bandwithnya.
4. Then you click on an IP and then you click the cut-off.
5. One company had been disconnected bandwithnya.Jika bandwidth connection you want to zoom in again, you just repeat the above process, but a different IP denygan.

Bandwidth has mastered ... you are ready. ^ _ ^. But what happened to company premises at the end ... who? They will not be able to conduct any activities in the internet cafe. So, if you are someone who lovingly. Enough for use in a sudden thing. Poor people who play in the cafe is ^ _ ^.